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Hello to each of you who have been chosen to hear my voice!! You had better believe that the vicissitudes of life will leave you gasping for breath without core values, beliefs, and memories that anchor you firmly at the root of your being. Sometimes the enemy comes at you hard seeking to devour and destroy your self worth and self-esteem, but remember to just hold on to God’s unchanging hand. The sun always comes out tomorrow!
As a young country girl, I can still hear the Superintendent of our Sunday school singing, “I shall not, I shall not be moved. Just like a tree planted by the water, I shall not be moved.” After years and years of the Sunday school singing that song to my piano accompaniment, as everyone marched to their respective classes, I have learned the value of firmly planted roots. I am not speaking of grass roots, but roots of the spirit that permeate your soul and your inner being in a positive place of contentment and peace that cannot be shaken by daggers and darts thrown by the enemy! 

Life, for sure, is a journey that begins at a focal point leading you in the direction of your chosen path. Many of my life lessons, and wisdom were instilled in me by my mother. These memories have sustained me over the years and continue to this day to point me in the right direction toward peace, love, happiness, self worth and joy. Just like that tree planted by the water, I shall not be moved!

During my early years in the South, the focal point of my existence was the church. Saturday was a day of shopping, cleaning, and readiness, but Sunday was a day of camaraderie, Sunday school lessons, wonderful songs and club meetings.

My role as the Sunday school pianist stemmed from my mother’s great love of music, and my grandfather’s ability to play and sing some of his favorite songs well into his eighties. I still remember my mother singing loudly in the kitchen while preparing meals. I used one of the kitchen chairs as my make-believe piano and tried to accompany her and harmonize with her in an alto or soprano voice. As a six year old, this was loads of fun, and soon I was rewarded with a brand new piano and piano lessons each Saturday afternoon. 

Gospel music was my inspiration and enjoyment and remains a great source of inspiration in every facet of my life. It is my hope that the songs that I write will serve to uplift, inspire, and bring hope, great expectations and joy to people all over the world!

God Is My Friend - Bonnie White [USB STICK]